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 Ethiopian Natural Attractions

Erta Ale and Dalol

Erta Ale – the Lava Lake
Erta Ale is a volcano that rises to elevation of 613 m a.s.l. It contains 0.7 * 1.6 km elliptical summit crater with several steep-sided pit craters, one of them containing a lava lake. It is the longest existing lava lake and is surrounded by an area below sea level. Its lava lake is erupts continuously and the most colorful and spectacular eruption is seen at mid night.





Dallol is located in the Danakil Depression in NE Ethiopia, in a remote area subject to the highest average temperature on the planet. It lies 120 m below sea level. The Dallol area encompasses Dallol mountain (which rises about 60 m above the surrounding salt plain), different mineral substances, and “Black Mountain.” Dallol Mountain thought to have been formed as the result of intrusion of a basaltic magma body underneath. There are deposits in the Dallol area include potash in the form of Sylvite, Carnallite, Kainite; sulphur, mineral salt, and fumarolic deposits. It is incredible to see the bubbling hot spring of sulphur, potash, and mineral salt



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