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The Surma ,who live on the western bank of Omo River along the western edge of Omo National Park, have the Sudan in their west ,the Mursi and Bodi in their East, the Bume in their south and the Majangir in their North. They are about 42 thousand in Number. The Surma, who are agro-paternalists, primarily live on milk and blood, and plant, sorghum, maize and Millet to subsidize their diet. They live in a dome shaped huts. Lip plate and Donga stick fight are the two typical distinctive features of these people which they share with the neighboring Mursi people. In fact the Surma ,who are from the Nilo-Sahara linguistic group, are the largest from the Surmic family which includes the Mursi, the Chai,the Tirma, and the Bale

Like their neighbors , the Surma also paint their bodies. They create a variety of designs on their necked bodies using their finger tips which helps them to expose their dark skins. The painting could have both a beautifying and opponent frightening purpose. As one studies these body paintings whirls, stripes, flower and star designs are noticeable. The girls also get painted by Surma men who are generally believed to be expert artists. The deadly iron Wrist knife, which is used in cattle raids and during fightings against their sworn enemies, is a vital weapon for the Surma.

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