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 Ethiopian Cultural Attractions

Hamer who positioned themselves between the Hamitic races (like the Borena and the Konso) and the Nilotic People- because they live in the environs of the great Nile River. They are subsistence agro-pastoralists with a total population of about over 35,000. They inhabit the savannahs lands interspersed with patches of dense bush.

The Hamer are neighbored to the south by Geleb ,to the North by Banna and Bashada, to the east by Erbore and Tsemay, to south east the territory stretches across the plains of the Lower Omo to Chew Bahir (Also Known as Lake Stephanie) and to the west by Bume and Karo. They have a special relationship with Banna-Bashada group than the others as they share a common language and culture.

The Hamer have their own wide spread beliefs. Their markets , decorations and ornamentations and their bull jumping ceremonies together with Evangadi dance are objects of tourist focus.

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