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 About Us - Tom Tour and Travel

Let’s say hello to these wonderful world with Tom Tours and Travels. Welcome to "The Land of smiles, the Thirteen Months of Sunshine".
TTT Tom Tours and Travel is Tour Operator and Organizer based in Ethiopia that has a vast experience and Knowledge in tourism and is eager offering its individual or group clients Professionally Organized Service.
Our experience on the sector tourism market, gained along the years and the profound knowing of the territory, allowed this tour operator to become the true guarantee for organizing all touristic services, the proof being the permanent and constant growth of our Clients.

We provide

  • Tour Programs for groups and individual trips;
  • Booking at hotels all over Ethiopia;
  • City tour,
  • Rent-a-car and coaches, trips, guided tours and
  • Transfers.
  • Responsible Tour
  • 24 ours helping travelers to Ethiopia Providing free information, and while on their tripe in Ethiopia.

All services are provided by qualified and experienced personnel. Due to our detailed knowing of the evolution of the tourism market, we have created the best services, hoping we will meet your expectations.

It is our great pleasure to offer all our sightseeing tours, safaris, trekking and trips in the best standard manner along with our professional and experienced staff.

As a tourism professionals and the experience we have, the members and owners of TTT are eager and Triggered to serve you as your interest with qualified and expertise service. Our specialities, in the field are, Trekking, Historical tour, Cultural tour, Safari, Educational tour and Bird watching.

“What makes us different is; we would like our Visiters to see the real Calture, And hospitality of the locals by participating on thier villages, Houses etc…)

Our company, TTT has professional team engaged in tour Operation and Guiding having deep knowledge of the country and skilled with solving problems those arise while on the tour. We are professionals who have a vast experience of Responsible tourism.

So, TTT invites you to “Discover the Undiscovered land, History, people, Nature and Culture”

…Discover The Undiscovered …

With Us,
The TTT Staffs

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