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Let’s say hello to these wonderful world with Tom Tours and Travels. Welcome to  "The Land of smiles, the Thirteen Months of Sunshine".
TTT Tom Tour Operator is Tour Operator and Organizer based in Ethiopia that has a vast experience and Knowledge in tourism and is eager offering its individual or group clients Professionally Organized Service.
Our experience on the sector tourism market, gained along the years and the profound knowing of the territory, allowed this tour operator to become the true guarantee for organizing all touristic services, the proof being the permanent and constant growth of our Clients. [Read more]

Top Destinations

Set at 2,600 m. above sea level in the rugged mountains in the northern end of Wollo, is the most exciting attraction of the country. From here the Zagwe Dynasty ruled the country for several centuries. Formerly known as Roha, the town of Lalibela bears the name of its most famous king: "Lalibela" (1181-1221 AC).
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Erta Ale and Dalol
As steam from lava rises, a climber prepares to drop into the caldera of Ertale volcano, where temperatures can reach up to 1,868 degrees Fahrenheit (1,020 degrees Celsius). Ertale, located in Ethiopia, is one of Africa’s few active volcanoes. Dallol is located in the Danakil Depression in NE Ethiopia, in a remote area subject to the highest average temperature on the planet. It lies 120 m below sea level.
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